Drain Addict is a popular YouTube channel about a professional drain unclogger's successes

Over 200,000 people subscribe to Drain Addict, a YouTube channel devoted exclusively to an Australian plumber's adventures unclogging drains. In the video above, titled Blocked Drain 448, the Drain Addict goes to work on a pipe completely clogged with tree roots.

Doobybrain says:

Drain Addict is my new obsession, and with over 400 videos on this channel, I think I know what I'm gonna be watching for the duration of this quarantine period.

This channel is not for those who are squeamish because, as the title suggests, the man is a DRAIN ADDICT. As in, he unclogs drains and LOVES IT. And not just water drains. Mostly sewer drains! So tons of poop, tissue, and other things that go down the toilet.

Image: YouTube