Drama Mayhem is the game we can all use right about now

One upside to our current stay-at-home lifestyle is a renewed sense of togetherness. While everyone used to be off and running in their own directions all the time, now the whole household stays under one roof — so maybe it's time to take advantage of that.

How about this? Institute a new weekly game night. And if you're going there, don't just stop at a traditional roll-the-dice-and-move-your-piece sort of game like Monopoly. Play a game that's going to force some outrageousness and memorable fun.

Drama Mayhem is what might happen if you crossed the improv skills and quick thinking of Charades with the humor of Apples to Apples.

The game is simple: pick a card, then spend the next 60 seconds acting out that card's instructions to impress the assigned judge. With your selected scene partner, you'll play your role to the hilt, leaving the judge to decide who did the best job.

Just in case that sounds too sedate, your scene is livened up with a quirk card, adding a whole new twist or flavor to the proceedings that can take your mini-play in a whole new direction. With 60 scenario cards and 60 quirk cards in your set, there are literally millions of possible match-up combinations to make sure the game always stays fresh and entertaining.

So what happens when a customer thinks the product they just purchased is a fake? Or how about when a husband loses his wedding ring? Your acting chops better be on point — because that's the only way to amass the game points needed to be crowned the Drama Mayhem champion.

With anywhere from three to 12 players, Drama Mayhem is a guaranteed good night with family, friends, as a social icebreaker or anywhere you want to let your master thespian truly shine.

The game just got fully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year, so be part of the first wave of early Drama Mayhem supporters so you can say you were there from the beginning. Regularly $29.99, you can get a complete game set now for $10 off, only $19.99.