Santa Monica Airlines sent me an awesome Natas Kaupas/Burrito Breath deck

Holy smokes!

I grew up in Santa Monica, CA in the 1970s and 80s. While I had and have friends who attained the levels of awesome required to get free stuff from a skate team, I was certainly too much a kook.

As a kid, Santa Monica Airlines played a huge role in helping me define 'COOL' and they still do. For 'Support Your Local Skateshop day' I had Rip City set up my re-issue 'THINK CRIME' deck with a set of Independent Trucks, Slimeballs, and ACER Racing hardware and bearings. No one does as nice a job on grip tape as those dudes at Rip City.

Imagine my surprise when repeated fan posts about legendary street skater Natas Kaupas resulted in the folks at Santa Monica Airlines sending this awesome deck!

I could not be more thrilled to receive this awesome Natas/Burrito Breath deck! My daughter has already asked if we can set it up for her. She will not be getting those ACER bearings, they are far too fast and I have to run off all the damn time.

She will be getting pads and introduced to GrlSwrl.