U.S. coronavirus death toll passes 60,000

The United States just passed 60,000 confirmed deaths from the novel coronavirus, a benchmark that previous projections said the country would not likely reach until August.

Just two weeks after impeached and manifestly unfit President Donald Trump said the U.S. would "probably" suffer a total of 60 to 65 thousand coronavirus related deaths in total, the country has already exceeded 60,000 deaths, according to data from John Hopkins University.

The outbreak is not over.

Here are the daily United States COVID-19 numbers for the United States, from @The COVID Tracking Project:

Newly reported deaths:
Today: 2,700*
Yesterday: 2,198
1 week ago (4/22): 2,037

Newly reported cases:
Today: 28,000
Yesterday: 24,000
4/22: 28,000

Newly reported tests:
Today: 230,000
Yesterday: 202,000
4/22: 314,000

Share of tests positive:
Today: 12%
Yesterday: 12%
4/22: 9%

* New high