From Adobe CC to PowerPoint, this 25-item asset bundle can elevate any new design project

Is repetition about a drive for perfection — or does it just mean you've run out of good ideas? While many experts study in awe the nuance, style, and mastery found in all 250 oil paintings of water lilies by French artist Claude Monet, others could wonder why a talent like that would spend 30 years painting a pond with some water plants over and over. 

Of course, repetition could just be the result of using the same tools over and over. So if you're starting to find your digital design projects are recycling certain elements time and again, the Design From Home Creative Market Bundle may be able to help.

To your rescue comes a 25-item assortment of products, all designed to spark new life and inject new creativity into your work, no matter where you're crafting it.

The package is a true collection, offering a touch of original offerings like nine new fonts and three full scene creator mockups for use with your Adobe Creative Cloud apps. If you're a regular PowerPoint user, you'll find three brand-new presentation styles for you to try. If your talents lean toward photography and social media, you've got five new Instagram grid templates to play with.

Meanwhile, those whose art includes literally digital brushes, the collection also features four new Procreate brushes to use with the Apple iPad's popular Procreate app. Finally, an animated texture is also included to round out your collection of fun new artistic tricks.

Whether you're updating your portfolio, making a new website, practicing your lettering skills, teaching your kids how to work creatively, or even learning something new, this bundle has something for everyone. 

When even a single new font can cost up to $5,000 (well, not normally at least), it's a bargain to get this entire collection for just $39, a savings of over 90 percent.