David Icke banned from Facebook

David Icke is a UK conspiracy theorist who's been swimming at the reptile-illuminati deep end for a long time. After latching onto Covid-19, he finally found a truly explosive audience as social media companies struggled with shutting down the biggest engagement-generators in years. Facebook has taken action, however, banning Icke for good.

Facebook has taken down the official page of conspiracy theorist David Icke for publishing "health misinformation that could cause physical harm".

Mr Icke has made several false claims about coronavirus, such as suggesting 5G mobile phone networks are linked to the spread of the virus.

In one video, he suggested a Jewish group was behind the virus.

Following the ban, his Twitter account posted: "Fascist Facebook deletes David Icke – the elite are TERRIFIED."

You'll have to head to Twitter for your fix of Bill Gates Annukai Tyranny Empty Hospitals.

Icke, a former footballer and broadcaster, was a likeable presence on UK TV when he got into the whole "Queen-Is-An-Alien-Reptile" business, and his status as a household name gave him a large platform to publicize his viewpoints before he was marginalized. Here's a classic interview with Terry Wogan that gave prime-time BBC viewers their first taste of something new and magical in popular culture.

Wogan regretted being mean to him.