Facebook may lose seal of approval that gives ad buyers confidence they get what they buy in advertising, WSJ reports

Media rating council says Facebook could be denied accreditation

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Facebook may lose an online advertising biz seal of approval that gives ad buyers confidence they are getting what they pay for when advertising on the social media platform.

Read the original reporting at WSJ, which cites a letter reporters obtained.
Media rating council says social-media giant could be denied accreditation [paywalled]

From a Reuters synopsis, not paywalled:

The company failed to address advertiser concerns arising from a 2019 audit, concerning how Facebook measures and reports data about video advertisements, the Journal reported, citing a notice from the Media Rating Council (MRC).

"These exchanges are part of the audit process. We will continue working with MRC on accreditation, as we have since 2016," a Facebook spokesperson said.

The MRC confirmed that the audit of Facebook is in process but did not provide details, citing its policy.