Learn how to invest wisely regardless of the current market with these online classes

The past six weeks have been a whole new world for those who have spent years investing on Wall Street. Massive swings sparked by the COVID-19 outbreak have triggered one of the most volatile markets in world history, soaring and plunging day-to-day, often with almost no discernible rhythm or reason.

With instability as the new normal in financial centers worldwide, one thing should be crystal clear to anyone interested in investing and trading stocks. Now, more than ever, you better do your homework.

For those feeling brave enough to dip their toe in investing right now, The Wall Street Survival and Stock Trading Guide Bundle can be the background you need to make all the difference between assembling a solid portfolio and losing your shirt.

The course pulls together eight courses focused on building an understanding of how Wall Street works and how to create profit through day trading.

The entire package is led by a full-time day trader and investor Travis Rose. Over the past five years, Rose has watched all the highs and lows of trading and constructed these courses to help make sure new traders don't make some of the mistakes he made toward achieving financial freedom.

Under Rose's instruction, students will open with a step-by-step beginner's guide to getting started with stock market investing, including everything from how to get an account started, understanding price fluctuations, and what you should look for to find your first winning stock.

Through lectures, quizzes, ebook studies and more, first-time investors will explore tactics for creating a trading plan that minimizes risk, simple technical and fundamental analysis for high-probability trades, how to read the stock "tape" like a professional trader to land a competitive edge ,and even trading psychology and tips to keep emotions in check during high-pressure sessions.

f you never knew what Fibonacci indicators are and how they can predict stock actions, you certainly will after this training.

A course package valued at $1,600, you can get up to speed on investing for the first time trader for just $29.92.