Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are a digital Mount Rushmore and these online classes can help you master them

Back in 1982, John Warnock couldn't get his employer Xerox to see the true value of new specialized printing software for graphics. Instead, he gathered some colleagues and formed Adobe in his garage. His vision led to innovation and almost 40 years later, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps has over 18 million subscribers and is synonymous with all forms of digital creation. 

If you aren't intimately familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, then you probably need a firm guide to help you navigate those powerful, yet occasionally treacherous waters with the training in The 2020 Adobe Graphic Design Certification School of courses.

This three-course collection sears right into the heart of the Creative Cloud, offering up a 40-plus hour, top to bottom look at three of the most widely used digital creative venues anywhere.

Everyone everywhere has at least heard of Adobe Photoshop  but mastering the world's most popular photo editing software is another story.  In this beginner-friendly training, students earn fast, practical, in-depth knowledge of creating in Photoshop from importing images to adjustments to composition and filters. Users also develop the design skills required to produce eye-catching images and how to turn them into new and original digital creations.

Adobe Illustrator shifts the focus from images to vector graphics — and over nearly 100 lectures, you'll master the Illustrator interface and all the tools for crafting sharp, scalable illustrations of any type, including drawings, paintings, logos, typefaces and more. Even beginning Illustrator users will have the background to create special effects that will work for both conventional printing as well as electronic publishing. 

Finally, Adobe InDesign is where all your Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic work all go to become print-quality fliers, newsletters, posters, and the rest of the physical media you see in the world all around you.

Each course in this package is a $499 value, but with this deal running for only a limited time, you can score the entire bundle for only $49.