This massive collection of cybersecurity training could be what you need to get hired now

The numbers are stark. The global cost of data breaches is expected to rise from $3 trillion this year to over $5 trillion by 2024

However, the numbers are just as eye-popping for those who want to defeat current unemployment trends and get hired as a cybersecurity expert. Cybersecurity job postings have nearly doubled since 2013, all while the average salary of an information security analyst is circling six figures.

Students who want to get a huge leg up on that vital cybersecurity training can get started for under $30 with a subscription to the CyberTraining 365 Online Academy

With over 3,800 up-to-date modules covering all the latest and most important information on cybersecurity technologies and procedures, learners can explore every facet of the industry at their own pace.

With over 660 hours of video content available (and growing), students will find coverage on virtually any topic that strikes their interest, including malware analysis, penetration testing, threat assessments, reverse engineering, and more. 

No matter where an Academy members wants to turn their focus, courses are all taught by industry-recognized cybersecurity specialists and infrastructure experts, each with years of teaching experience to help bring coursework to life.

All the training is created to align with the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework developed by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). 

If you want to find out what it takes to be an ethical hacker, the training is here. If you want to study vulnerabilities to make sure they don't find their way into your company's data systems, you'll find it here. And if you want to experience using some of the most elite hacking prevention tools anywhere, this training can offer that opportunity.  

Plus, Academy training is also tailored to help students pass key industry-recognized certification exams to help fuel your learning and make sure you get hired faster.

Right now, one year of access to the entire CyberTraining 365 Online Academy galaxy of courses is just $29.99, over 90 percent. But since there's almost too much material here to cover even in a year, you can expand to a 3-year ($39.99) or lifetime ($79.99) access plans, also for over a 90 percent savings.