Video of restaurant headbutt removed with copyright claim, ensuring everyone sees it

A man in Florida was filmed headbutting a guest in a restaurant and subsequently being restrained by another, larger guest. The clip did the rounds but, in a world beset by more ostentatious insanity and rancor, didn't quite reach the viral heights it might once have achieved.

But it's gone viral now due to the Streisand Effect: someone attempted to get the video removed from social media with a copyright claim, ensuring that all eyes were immediately upon it. Torrentfreak reported it out:

Last summer, Steve Heflin was on business in Fort Lauderdale [and] encountered "two guys in suits" sitting at the bar. Steve tells us that after one left the other was involved in a dispute and was asked by the management to leave. Things didn't go well.

Due to the apparent level of intoxication, the valet wouldn't return "drunk guy's" keys, informing him that his car would be safe where it was parked and he should get an Uber home instead. There was an altercation and the valet ended up hiding behind the manager. The confrontation escalated and as can be seen in the video embedded below, something pretty awful happened to the first person in line.

The awful thing was an ineffective headbutt.

The widespread assumption is that the copyright claimant is the headbutter in the video, as a publized depiction of the copyright claim asserts that this is the case. But something about this has me suspect that someone is identifying that person via the fraudulent DMCA takedowns in order to humiliate them. Social media platforms are eagerly responsive to takedowns and do no due diligence on their authenticity.