Zombie Dice expansion pack improves this quick press-your-luck game

My family and I have been playing more games lately, and one of our favories is Zombie Dice, a "press your luck" game in which you play a zombie who wants to eat as many human brains as possible without getting shot in the head. We also have the expansion pack, called Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature, which adds good complexity to the game.

You can add any one, any two, or all three dice to the game. The hunk dice adds greater risk and reward possibilities with the addition of a double-brain face and a double-shotgun blast face. The hottie evades capture more easily. Santa has three gifts: a double brain, an energy drink, and a football helmet that allows you to survive an extra shotgun blast to the head. These dice are a great addition to the game – we always include them whenever we play.