Enhance your Zoom calls and Twitch streams with this best-selling software

Whether you're working from home, playing from home, or cheers-ing from home, your webcam is getting a hell of a lot of use these days. And it's likely that you've run through your bag of tricks to liven things up on your video calls. That was, until now. Take your Zoom sessions from tired to wired with this best-selling webcam software that enhances even your most boring department stand-up.

With a subscription to YouCam 9 Deluxe for Windows, you'll be able to turn your boring-ole webcam into what's pretty much a live studio that integrates seamlessly with a number of popular video call, broadcasting, recording, and live-streaming services. We're talking Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, OBS Studio, XSplit, Wirecast, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and more.

Rated as "Excellent" by Softpedia, this super-fun software provides you with loads of awesome effects and features, including the ability to apply real-time skin enhancements and makeup plus lighting, sharpness, and noise adjustments, so you'll never have to try to avoid turning on your video feed again. In addition, it's got a bunch—over 200—of augmented reality effects, frames, scenes, customized titles, filters, particles, distortions, animated emoji, and other goodies to help you add some life to your virtual gatherings.

On a somewhat more professional note (unless you're into these kinds of parties), you can record business presentations and even boost the entertainment value of PowerPoint slides via PIP video and side-by-side display options and layouts. As a bonus, you'll be able to edit webcam photos using a range of brush sizes and colors or even your fingers if you're using a touchscreen.

You may as well make the most of a weird situation that may not be ending anytime soon. Pick up this YouCam 9 Deluxe for Windows: Lifetime Subscription while it's on sale for $34.99, a savings of 30%.