Soap promises to make you smell like "Naval Supremacy"

Ironic toxic masculinity is in fashion! The Duke Cannon Naval Supremacy Big Brick of Bar Soap for Men [Amazon] promises that those thusly-soaped will smell of "naval supremacy", "productivity" or other humorously-abstract scents. (More traditionally "manly" odors such as tobacco, leather, burned vegetation, etc. are also available).

The veil of humor is threadbare — "get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories" — but I'll admit that I do bathe in warm turpentine and it really helps.

UPDATE: Here's a balding treatment called "Lethal Uprising", spotted by Greg Sideyr.

Looking forward to Internecine Violence Toothpaste, Shambolic Venezeulan Coup Ice Cream, and Silently Endure Prison Abuse Hemmorhoid Cream with Aloe Vera.