Tesla sues California over coronavirus factory closure

Elon Musk threatens to move electric-car company to Nevada or Texas

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a five day old baby. But that isn't distracting him from the important stuff: suing local authorities in California to drop COVID-19 restrictions so the billionaire can make his workers go back to work to make him more money.

Daddy Elon spent the weekend rage-tweeting about moving Tesla's sole United States factory out of Fremont, CA, and condemning coronavirus restrictions there which are in place to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Elon threatened, in the middle of a still-escalating pandemic, to move the factory to Texas, or Nevada, where they don't give a shit who dies.


In a blog post on Saturday, Tesla said the county's position left it no choice but to take legal action to ensure Tesla and its employees can go back to work.

The company said it had worked out a thorough return-to-work plan that includes online video training for personnel, work zone partition areas, temperature screening, requirements to wear protective equipment and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

The company said it had informed health authorities in Alameda County, where the Fremont factory is located, about its restart plans, but claimed the acting official did not return calls or emails.

Alameda County's Public Health Department, which earlier on Saturday said it had been "communicating directly and working closely with the Tesla team," did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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