Get a 2-year subscription to this streaming library and an HDTV antenna for less than $40

Even if you aren't among the millions of Americans directly impacted in the wallet by the fallout from the coronavirus, you're probably still keeping a very close eye on your expenses amid all this financial instability.

Each of those monthly expenses has to face even tighter scrutiny than ever before — and if you're still a cable subscriber who's undoubtedly considered cord-cutting already, that monthly fee has to look more and more like a prime place to save some cash.

Do it. Cut that cord. And if you're concerned about where you'll get your local TV, favorite cable outlets, and virtually any streaming content you could ever want, then a service like SelectTV is definitely worthy of a close look.

SelectTV has one of the streaming world's largest libraries of available content, a virtual stockpile of enough TV, movies, music, and games to keep any household busy…well, forever.

Your subscription grants access to more than 700,000 TV episodes, 100,000 movies, 50,000 radio stations, and over 1,500 curated channels with the latest episodes from all the prime networks, as well as a massive archive of classic TV, all available for viewing on any and all of your preferred devices.

One of SelectTV's handiest features is its Pay-Per-View Deal Finder, which not only gives you access to all the hottest available pay-per-view movies, sports, concerts, and other key live events but even does a price comparison, checking against all sources to find the one with the cheapest price to rent or own your title for the lowest cost out there.

Whether you're an action gamer, a puzzler, or a multiplayer fan, SelectTV also has a library featuring thousands of online games, all free with your subscription.

And since local news and content is still one of the most vital services a cable system can offer, SelectTV has you covered with a free HD antenna that can get you up to 100 more live local channels, all in glorious 1080p and all for free.

The average American household is now paying $217.42 per month for their cable package, which means you can save literally hundreds of dollars instantly when you sign up for a two-year SelectTV subscription for just $32.99. That's a 64 percent savings off the regular price — and a total savings of over $5,000 over 24 months of cable.