This 2-in-1 Lightning Cable will make your iPhone and Apple Watch happy at the same time

We all know the importance of multitasking. If we weren't doing at least two things at once, if not more, how would we ever finish everything we each have to accomplish in a given day?

It's no different with tech now. Your devices can't only serve one purpose. With bulging purses, backpacks and travel bags, our devices have to be versatile enough to handle a few important functions or we couldn't justify carrying them around with us all day.

And that rule extends to our support equipment as well…like our power cables. It's bad enough regular Lightning cables only work with Apple devices, but if you need to juice up your iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time, you'd usually be out of luck.

However, this 2-in-1 Lightning Cable with a wireless watch pad is all about the multitasking, providing enough power to get two devices back to full strength in the time it would usually take to charge just one.

Just like a regular Lightning cable, this five-foot connector connects right to your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device and delivers a charge from its USB-powered source directly to your device at the top safe speed.

But unlike a regular Lightning cable, this cord also includes a charging pad magnetic module to also provide a wireless boost for your Apple Watch at the same time.

In under two hours, you'll have a fully-powered iPhone or iPad as well as a fully-powered Apple Watch, all with the help of just one cable.

And in case you're a stickler for aesthetics, this cable should also satisfy. It closely matches the look of other Apple cables and devices in your arsenal for one seamless (not to mention compact) presentation.

At its current price, this 2-in-1 Lightning cable is also inexpensive enough to get one for home and another for work, the car or anywhere else you travel regularly.

Regularly $29.99, you can get one now at half off, just $14.99.