This bundle of online classes will help you learn the math you forgot in high school and college

With unemployment as high as 20 percent in the U.S., millions of men and women are out of work and rethinking the next step in their lives.

In an emergency, all options should be on the table. That means considering other careers — and in that case, it could also mean it's time to shore up some fundamentals. For those looking to segue into industries like engineering or computer science or data analysis, it starts with that class you probably hated most in high school: math.

But hey, if you didn't hate math, then the training in The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle might just be the access point you need to unlock a whole new lucrative career.

This package includes nine courses with more than 60 hours of instruction getting any student up to speed on the bedrock numbers at the heart of any future in engineering.

The cornerstone of the training is the four-part Intuition Matters! Applied Calculus for Engineers training from aerospace and robotics engineer Mark Misin. Rather than drill students on memorization and repetition, Misin offers an understanding of calculus so vectors, linearization, wave representation, and other concepts don't seem quite so alien.

Of course, the foundations of newer, more modern calculus are laid in the older, numbers-based training of algebra, so Algebra 2: The Complete Course gets into that, covering geometry, inequalities, functions, graphs and more. Meanwhile, Matrices: Learn the Foundations for Linear Algebra and Complete Linear Algebra for Data Science and Machine Learning broaden your scope and show how these skills apply in some of today's most in-demand job sectors.

Speaking of application, you'll also find deep dives into statistics (Complete Statistics for Data Science & Business Analytics) and even the basics of electrical current (Complete Electricity for Electronics, Electrical Engineering) for a full exploration of how you can turn this new knowledge into a healthy paycheck.

Normally a $1,195 package of training, you can get into all the numbers now for a whole lot less, only $29.97.