Trump pushes false Obamagate conspiracy, abuses female reporters in White House press conference

Trump has snit, verbally abuses 2 female reporters, ends press conference abruptly

MELTDOWN MODE: A visibly agitated Donald Trump has snit, verbally abuses two female reporters, promotes false #obamagate conspiracy theory which foreign trolls and bots are also pushing on Twitter, then ends press conference in a state of obvious distress.

Today's White House briefing with president Donald Trump was predictably more insane than the last. Trump is now pushing the #Obamagate conspiracy theory, at the same time, oddly, as bots on Twitter. Wonder who's behind this?

Today, in the Rose Garden, Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker:

You appeared to accuse Obama of a crime yesterday. What did he do?

TRUMP: "Obamagate."

RUCKER: What is the crime?

TRUMP: "You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody."

Next, Trump was verbally abusive to CBS White House Correspondent Wejia Wang.

Weijia: Why is this a global competition to you when Americans are losing their lives every day?

TRUMP: Maybe that's a question you should ask China.

WEIJA: Why are you saying that to me, specifically?

TRUMP: I'm saying it to anybody who would ask a nasty question like that.

Then the president was verbally hostile toward a female CNN journalist, and after that, he abruptly ended the one-hour-long press conference. It was really weird and frightening.

Jared Kushner was present, wearing a mask. Trump wasn't wearing one.