British people proudly held a virtual knob-eating contest

I only stumbled upon this because I got married in Dorset, Vermont, and did a double-take when I saw the headline. Apparently "knob" is a British word for "biscuit" but it's funnier to think about Ye Olde Dorset Dick-eating Contest. As the BBC explains:

  • The biscuits have been made by Moores of Morecombelake for more than 150 years
  • Originally, they were made from leftover bread dough with added butter and sugar, hand-rolled and left to dry in the dying heat of the oven
  • It is thought their name comes from the hand-sewn Dorset knob buttons that were also made locally
  • They can be eaten with Blue Vinny cheese, dipped in tea or cider, or taken with honey and cream – known locally as thunder and lightning

As far as the exciting events of this riveting contest:

But this year 100 competitive eaters live-streamed their attempts to swallow the savoury spheres.

Kate Scott, from Shaftesbury, necked eight and a half of the thrice-baked treats to claim the crown.

Sure, okay.

The knob-eaters raised more than £1,200 for the local Weldmar Hospicecare. Unfortunately, the knob-throwing festival has been postponed until 2021, as it's more difficult to judge online.

Coronavirus: Dorset knob-eating contest held online amid lockdown [BBC]