Watch: an experiment that shows how coronavirus might spread at a buffet

What happens when someone with coronavirus coughs into their hand before eating at a buffet?

Interested in seeing how the virus might have spread on cruise ships, NHK, Japan's national broadcasting company, conducted a so-called experiment with 10 volunteers at a buffet. Before anyone went to get their food, a dollop of florescent paint was squirted onto one person's palm. Then everyone served themselves some grub and sat at a couple of tables to eat. Watch how the paint had spread onto everything from serving utensils, napkins, and the tablecloth to people's jackets, hands, even even their faces.

Of course this is a sloppy experiment. Most of all because someone's cough wouldn't match the consistency or quantity of paint that was squirted into the volunteer's palm, so who knows how the virus would compare to the paint in spreading. But it's still a fun watch.