Ashampoo 3D CAD 7 brings architectural projects to digital life

If you're a painter, a set of perfectly acceptable acrylic paints might cost you $50 to $100. But if you're an architect, the supplies you need to fashion your art come at a much, much higher price. Therefore, architects don't usually get to create until they've talked someone else into believing in their vision and, more importantly, signing a check.

Usually, the only way to sell someone into believing that vision is by showing them — and for that, an architect, designer, or landscaper needs a dependable visualization tool to bring their concepts to life. 

For years, Ashampoo's 3D CAD apps have been one of the digital tools of choice for turning ideas into concrete plans — and their latest version, Ashampoo 3D CAD 7: Architecture Version offers even more options for turning construction and design ideas into a digital finished version before a single shovel is turned or upholstery added. 

3D CAD 7 comes with everything needed to draw up detailed floor and construction plans in either traditional 2D or virtual 3D views.

With the app's easy-to-use interface, creators assemble materials and layout their area, then use the SketchUp and Collada features to load in and save thousands of 3D objects instantly, including everything from generic items to brand-specific models. And if it isn't already part of the object library, you can import new specifications and add them to your builds with ease.

Users can apply realistic 3D surfaces to single walls or entire building facades in just a few clicks to see exactly what your project will look like before orders get placed and workers get started. You can even layout precisely how a solar energy system could run the entire building on the power of the sun alone.

From determining which materials work best to placing doors, windows, balconies, carports, or sanitary and electrical installations in your designs, it can all happen with just a single click.

With this offer, Ashampoo 3D CAD 7: Architecture Version is just $29.99, a 62 percent savings off the regular price.