When bread goes kawaii: Rainbow sourdough

Sheltering in place has transformed a nation into a legion of makeshift Betty Crockers. Baking supplies are sold-out on shelves across America. Sourdough starters are being exchanged in back alley hand-offs and in some cases even being distributed via telephone pole  (pro tip: never eat anything you found in a ziplock bag on a San Francisco city street). But what happens when you love bread, but you love psychedelics even more? Oakland-based baker Ashley Shotwell, who is known for her imaginative vegan custom cake creations, decided to find out. The result is a rainbow-swirl masterpiece colorful enough to make Lisa Frank blush. Did it taste like unicorns and heart-shaped teardrops? No. But it was "soft, chewy, and sour-tasting perfect". Watch the process videos on her Instagram channel and feel instantly soothed (recipe included!).