House passes $3T coronavirus relief act led by Pelosi & Dems, Trump says bill 'DOA' in Senate

$3 Trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill called ‘HEROES Act’

208-199: House passes Democrats' $3T COVID-19 economic relief bill
• HEROES Act vote mostly along party lines
• 14 Democrats voted No
• 1 Republican voted Yes
• Vote lasted 61 minutes

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a $3 trillion Democratic bill on Friday, to address the economic wreckage of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 85,000 Americans and shocked America's economy into a near standstill.

President Trump this week called the proposal "DOA."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led Democrats in writing the bill, which passed today more or less on party lines in a 208-199 vote.

"Republicans, who control the Senate, have promised it will be 'dead on arrival' in their chamber, "Reuters reports.

[image: CSPAN]