Learn how to build a Portals style video game with this Unity 3D training

Sometimes the best way to learn is to find something you really like and try to copy it exactly. Sure, it won't be an original creation, but in understanding how the bones were assembled to construct this thing you love, you'll likely learn valuable insight into why those decisions were made. Armed with that knowledge, you'll have some important tools for creating something original of your own.

When Portal debuted almost 15 years ago, the unique, creative, and entertaining game was immediately hailed as one of the industry's best. Now, you'll be given all the pieces to build your very own copy of that groundbreaking game and sharpen your creative skills in the Make a Portals Clone in Unity 3D and Blender From Scratch course.

In this training, instructor and longtime video game maker John Bura leads students through all the steps to assemble your own game to look and feel just like the original…even though you'll be adding your own personal touches along the way.

Using the Unity game engine and 3D graphics builder Blender, you'll fashion every element of your game world entirely from scratch, offering a keen perspective on how to design, code, and model a visually impressive 3D, first-person perspective game.

Even for first time builders, the course offers a firm grip on exactly how Unity works so students can design all the game's functionality. They'll also learn how to code in C# to actually build video game levels. Finally, the introduction to Blender unlocks a whole world of 3D art as students fashion portal guns, obstacles, and other game elements in all their three-dimensional glory.

Once completed, you'll truly understand this historic game inside and out — and almost certainly stoking the fires to start using those new talents to create a new, unique gaming experience unlike anything else.

This practical route to learning the art of video game creation is regularly a $200 package of training, but with the current offer, is now just $25.