TikToker decided it would be funny to "accidentally" dump huge bin of milk and cereal inside NYC subway during pandemic

TikToker Josh Popkin (3.3 million followers) thought it would be great fun to "accidentally" dump a large plastic bin milk and cereal on the floor of a New York subway car in the middle of a pandemic, reports Insider. Watch the video and decide for yourself if the spill was intentional or not.

From Insider:

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority retweeted the video and called the prankster's actions "despicable."

"A new low: Pulling a prank on essential workers in the middle of a global pandemic," the MTA said. "And making essential workers clean up your mess. Despicable."

The Daily News reports that police have opened an investigation, adding that, "the cereal incident is far from the first time Popkin has shown contempt for essential workers and subway crews during the pandemic. The day before he posted the cereal video, he posted another clip of him walking around a Duane Reade while wearing a ripped face mask that left his mouth exposed. He chided an employee for kicking him out of the store."