WATCH: Muppet Guys LIVE honor Jim Henson, 30 years later — Saturday, May 16, 4pm ET

• "Miss Piggy," "Kermit The Frog," and all your favorite Muppets will be there.

The beloved humans behind The Muppets are gathering for a special live internet broadcast today to honor the late Jim Henson, who died 30 years ago today.


TODAY, May 16, Saturday, 4pm ET.

Frank Oz tells Boing Boing:

We'll be answering questions about Jim and his work because that day is the 30th anniversary of Jim's
passing and we just want to talk about him.

THE INFO: May 16, Saturday, 4pm ET. It will be live-streamed and free. It's also going to be a fundraiser for those non-medical hospital workers battling Covid 19.

You gotta be there.

IMAGES courtesy The Jim Henson Company and Disney