These are 40 of the coolest things that are on sale this week

Too much happens in a week. Our lives all move so fast that it's basically impossible to stay on top of everything that crosses our paths over a seven-day period. 

That's why we want to give you a do-over. We've gathered together 40 killer items, including many at discounts of almost $170, and we're giving you another shot to pick them up. From your car to your tech to your kitchen to you, there are a bunch of life hacks here to help get your fast-approaching summer started in the right direction.

Look good

You can get the quarantine look under control with The Cut Buddy Beard-Shaping and Hair-Trimming Guide ($11.99; originally $14.99), a Shark Tank winning tool that helps you perfectly trim and shape your hairlines. 

The Barb 'Xpert by Franck Provost Beard and Moustache Tool ($10.99; originally $15) is a highly sharpened soft-touch pair of mustache scissors that let you easily even out the hair of your mustache and beard, while The Barb 'Xpert by Franck Provost Beard Grooming Shampoo ($14.99; originally $29) is specially developed with a non-greasy feel to cleanse and revitalize all beard types.

But if you need to attack on all fronts, this 4-in-1 Men's Electric Razor ($39.99; originally $99.99) can do it all, packing advanced 4D floating technology so the precision blades adapt to the contours of your face, neck, and jawline.

Feel good

If you had a rough night drinking, the DHM Detox Herbal Supplement ($22.99 for a 10-pack; originally $33.99) is a formula of herbal extracts and natural ingredients that helps break up the "hangover feeling" by reducing the negative after-effects, including nausea, brain fog, and headaches.

And since the gym is still closed in most areas, the Activbody Activ5 Fitness Device ($109.99; originally $149) is a home device that fits in your pocket, pairs with your smartphone, and lets you build strength and flexibility with isometric exercises. 

Since the air you breathe has never been more important, the Envion EA150 HEPA 3-in-1 Desktop Air Purifier ($76.99; originally $89.99) is a compact, but mighty purifier that can scrub the air in a 170 square foot room three times in just 1 hour. Meanwhile, the larger Allergy Pro 200 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter ($109.99; originally $129.99) is made for medium to large rooms with true HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of pet dander, mold spores, and smoke down to 0.3 microns. And the Bebcare Air Smart Purifier with H11 EPA Virus Filter ($179; originally $259), which actually detects air contaminants and kicks on when needed and connects via Bluetooth to pull instant air quality readings in your area.

This SafeConnect infrared thermometer ($69.99; originally $149.99) ensures you follow CDC recommendations to scan temperatures from a distance, using a high-precise infrared sensor to scan temperature from 2 to 3 inches away for safe, no-contact measurement. 

And if stress is building up from all this time indoors, the Hush 8 lb. weighted throw blanket ($134.99; originally $149) is filled with non-toxic glass sand to offer the comforting stress relief that weighted blankets provide.

Be smart

Unlike stud finders that just use magnets, the StudPoP Magnetic Stud Finder ($19.99; originally $27.90) has a unique popper feature that locks into place when a metal fastener is detected, making finding studs super easy.

This luxury 100 percent bamboo bathtub caddy tray ($46.97) is like having your own desktop when you take a bath, with two side trays, extendable handles, accessory positions, wine glass slots, and even a waterproof book or tablet holder so you can read or watch as you soak.

Rather than firing a single, narrow beam of light, the TripleLite 180° LED Flashlight ($29.99) shoots an arc spreading a full 180 degrees, allowing you to light an entire room from edge to edge. And speaking of light, this oakwood booklet lamp ($47.99; originally $79) looks like a book but transforms into a multi-functional, malleable lamp that finds all kinds of ways to illuminate your space.

Tech up

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" 32GB Tablet with WiFi (Refurbished) ($249.99; originally $399.99) is not only one of the best-reviewed Android tablets on the market, its factory-refurbished status means you're getting an effectively new tablet for $150 off.

And for those still rocking the laptop or a desktop, you can load up on three quality ArgomTech products, including a 2.4GHz wireless optical mouse ($14.99; originally $29.99) with six buttons a maximum range of up to 30 feet; the ArgomTech USB keyboard ($16.99; originally $39.99) with its slim elegant design; or their laptop cooling pad ($19.99; originally $24.99) with three fans that control temperature and prevent overheating to increase the life of your device.

Power up

In addition to up to 100 watts of charging power for USB-C powered MacBooks, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets, the EVRI magnetic tip USB cable ($26.95; originally $34.99) also sports a nifty breakaway magnetic tip that prevents your MacBook and other devices from tumbling when the cable is tripped over.

The imSTONE A5 wireless charging binder ($84.99; originally $168.45) not only holds your iPad, smartphone, flash drive, keys, cables, and more, it's handy 8,000mAh power reserve doubles as a power bank with a built-in 3-in-1 charging cable and Qi wireless pad.

But if you have some monstrous power needs, the NTONPOWER Portable Power Station ($109.99) brings the heat with 42,000mAh of power, a standard 3-prong wall plug outlet, built-in USB ports, solar panel power compatibility, and emergency light, all in an ultra-lightweight, portable unit.

Protect yourself

Keep your home safe with The Eye Night Vision and WiFi Streaming Security Camera ($99; originally $115), a discreet home cam the size of a quarter that covertly records audio and video in high-definition 1080P resolution, complete with night vision and motion detection capabilities.

Meanwhile, this Novi Security Starter Pack ($274.99; originally $442.78) includes a Novi Cam that looks like a smoke detector, but instantly notifies you of motion and lets you take action. It also comes with one-year of cloud storage to store your video and 90 days of professional monitoring.

Drive right

These two Autowit devices will keep you ready for anything on the road, including a cordless tire inflator ($59.99; originally $69.99) with a gauge and adjustable nozzles that lets you immediately pump up any tire for a car, motorcycle or bike as well as any sports balls, inflatables or anything else. Or keep the 12-volt portable car jump starter ($121.99; originally $159.99) with you, its built-in supercapacitors with 60 times more power density than ordinary batteries harnessing power from the weak battery power of your car or other power sources to recharge in a short time.

Listen up

The JBL Live 200BT Bluetooth in-ear neckband headphones ($37.99; originally $69.95) is built for on-the-go convenience, pumping JBL signature sound quality while offering remote, microphone and multi-point connection features that make it a versatile player in any tech arsenal.

Meanwhile, the Broski Lety Bluetooth headphones ($99.99; originally $119.99) add noise cancellation to the mix, monitoring and measuring exterior noise and blocking it out so you can focus on the music.

Finally, the Mu6 Space 1 smart active noise cancellation headphones ($134.99; originally $149) not only have a lower delay and higher speed of audio transmission, resulting in pure, clear, synchronized sound, but its noise cancellation is balanced with a transparency mode that can also let in all the sounds while still keeping you aware of your surroundings.

If you're looking to take your tunes to the beach or poolside, the Barnacle Vibe 2.0 100 percent waterproof speaker ($62.99; originally $89.99) offers high impact audio performance, universal mounting capabilities and it's built to last, a virtually indestructible speaker both in and out of the water.

As for the best of both worlds, the Syver True Wireless 2-in-1 Earbuds and Speaker ($89.99; originally $99.99) features earbuds that deliver killer audio, but their charging case also doubles as its own standalone Bluetooth speaker. You're covered virtually anywhere you go.

Slice right

If you're in the kitchen, the right knife is essential — and the Crusader Series NSF-Certified Knife ($49.99; originally $59.99) and Gladiator Series Chef's Knife ($59.99; originally $99.97), both from Dalstrong, fit the bill. The Crusader delivers exceptional performance with the added benefits of reducing friction, subtly lightening the knife and improving balance, while the Gladiator is a smaller, more maneuverable version of its longer brothers and an equally essential tool in any knife bag.

Of course, a traditional chef's knife remains a kitchen staple, so the Zen Series 8-inch Japanese Style Chef's Knife ($71.99; originally $89) provides exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance, keeping the knife sharp and hard while maintaining its functionality for a much longer time.

Or just staff up completely with the Edge of Belgravia 5-Piece Ceramic Blade Knife Set ($99; originally $370), high–tech zirconium oxide blades second to diamond in hardness that can stay sharp for years without sharpening.

Eat right

You can prepare your meals on this extra-large 18-inch bamboo butcher block cutting board with juice groove and side handles ($19.97) that's resistant to cuts and scarring and heals itself over time.

Once your meats are on the fire, the GrillEye Pro Plus Hybrid Grilling and Smoking Thermometer ($99.99) uses a hybrid-wireless and Adaptive Display System (A.D.S.) technologies to track up to eight different temperatures simultaneously to assure every item is cooked to perfection.

With its 6-blade cutting head, this mini rechargeable blender ($44.99; originally $54.99) brings smoothie and shake-making anywhere, easily crushing fruits, veggies and other ingredients to make your favorite beverage on the go.

Of course, if coffee is your thing, the Arzum Okka Automatic 120V Turkish Coffee Maker ($249.99; originally $279.90) is the first automatic machine that brews Turkish coffee and pours directly into the cup with perfect taste and crema at the simple push of a button. It's even got a self-cleaning function.

And since we'd all like to enjoy our beverages without thinking of the ecological impact of plastics, this four-piece stainless steel straw set with a carrying case and cleaning brush ($12.99; originally $19.99) is the eco-friendly way to sip both cold and hot drinks guilt-free.