SWWE Broadcast #10: "Jules Vern was a Copycat, How to Prank a Bird, Ice Cream on TV is Often Mashed Potatoes, and It's Been 3 Years Since I've Had a Drink."

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual stories paired with vintage modular electronic sounds

Hello, everyone: Welcome back to the show. A lot of lightning in the air as we proceeded with recording this episode, so in full bomb prepper mode, we pulled out an MRE for dinner and got down to recording via battery power. This was made possible by a Six Channel Sony MX-650 Microphone Mixer, which not only runs on batteries, but was meant for commercial broadcasts on the field for radio and TV.

Vintage SONY gear is often as good as it gets. To provide someone like Walter Cronkite the opportunity to complete an entire segment in his news van, it supports six concurrent turntable connections, has six wonderful microphone pre-amps (with and without attenuation for signal), line connections in both 1/4" jack and RCA phono plug, and LOVELY switchable A,B,AB stereo routing. Pretty sturdy tank. You can still get them at a reasonable price and if the original owner never ran them off line power (meaning ran power through the batteries and they didn't let the batteries leak) there's a chance it still sounds great. This week we discuss cancelling Jules Verne (let's all do this!) and explore alcohol as a dead but valued friend in my life. Also some good jokes on Potatoes and Oystercatchers. Let's roll the tape:

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #10: Fun Facts, Reptile Republican Audio, and Jules Verne Was a Copycat

The backing track on Side A is an organ piece intended for a segment on Anne Sexton, which will be posted a few broadcasts from now. Dr Bright seemed like he could use it, though. Say hello on Bandcamp or on Soundcloud if you'd like.

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Have a nice week. Remember Lizard Rule Number One: "A Mother's Love Can Not Be Replicated!"

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