The Tovala is the oven so smart it actually cooks your meals for you all by itself

Over the past several years, we've seen an explosion in the use of pre-prepared meal delivery services, each shipping all the ingredients needed right to your door so you can whip up a fresh, tasty meal in just a few minutes.

In light of their popularity, it's no surprise we've now got a service that takes that process a step further. Tovala doesn't just send you the ingredients you need to cook up a great meal. They also send you the smart oven that knows what you're making and cooks it all to perfection almost entirely on its own.

In fact, beyond unpacking your Tovala boxes and putting your ingredients in the oven, they've taken almost all the guesswork out of cooking.

Once you've got the WiFi-connected Tovala smart oven in place, you're basically underway. Choose from the Tovala menu of meal options each week, then once those ingredients land on your doorstep, you're 90 percent of the way home already.

Meal prep takes about 60 seconds and never includes any washing or chopping. Whether you're cooking Chicken Florentine casserole with chimichurri roasted broccoli, Jamaican jerk turkey chili with freshly baked cornbread, or another of Tovala's tasty dishes, each comes with its own recipe card. 

Press the button on the Tovala, scan the card's QR code under the oven's built-in scanner, and the Tovala has all the cooking instructions it needs locked in. In under 20 minutes or less, your meal is ready. It's as dead simple as that.

While the convenience is borderline miraculous, the Tovala also works like a regular conventional oven so you can still steam, broil, toast, reheat, or just plain old cook whatever you like. The oven is also preloaded with over 650 Scan-to-Cook grocery items brands, so just scan those Eggo Waffles or Pop-Tarts and the Tovala knows just what to do.

In addition to your oven, you'll also get a fresh meal delivery voucher so you can go to the Tovala website and start your deliveries of scan-to-cook meals and ingredients. Regularly almost $350, you can save almost a third off the price of the Tovala Smart Oven and the meal delivery voucher now, getting the entire package for only $232.99.

Prices are subject to change.


Tovala Smart Oven + Fresh Meal Delivery Voucher – $232.99

Eat the new way for $232.99