This indoor-outdoor full HD TV antenna might just mean the end for your cable bill

With so many cheap and accessible streaming options out there for your entertainment, there likely aren't many final sticking points keeping the last few of you tethered to a cable subscription. But one of those final questions stopping many from cutting the cord for good is, "How do I watch my local stations?"

The Monster Targe 80 indoor/outdoor HD TV antenna is more than up to the task of supplying all your local TV channels — and may be the last step in finally freeing you from the monthly cable bill once and for all.

Unlike all those old-school weather vane-style antennas that used to dot the roofs of suburbia, the Targe 80 is all digital, capturing every variety of TV signals from as far as 80 miles away. HD, standard definition, 4K, even ancient analog signals are all fair game for this model, equipped for long-range, midrange, and even urban area usage.

The built-in Monster CleanSignal is also a big step up for standard digital antenna, boosting your signal quality and reducing grain to offer you the clearest possible picture. It's even packing 360-degree signal reception to capture the best omnidirectional signal from transmitters located anywhere within your radius. And yes, its weatherproof coating and sturdy construction mean it will still work like a champ during storms or other severe weather.

The included coax cable connects directly to your TV and doesn't require an internet connection. But for an added boost, the Targe 80 also comes complete with an amplifier that connects directly into your TV's built-in USB port with no extra outlet space required. 

The whole thing installs easily and for those who don't want to miss out on local programming, it all but pays for itself after just one month without a cable charge.

Regularly priced at $79.99, you can save $30 off the purchase of the Monster Targe 80 with this offer, cutting your total to just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.


Monster Targe 80: Indoor/Outdoor Full HD TV Antenna – $49.99

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