Working from home doesn't have to crater your productivity or send you off the deep end

When the COVID-19 threat hit in March, most Americans didn't have much of a choice about their new work-from-home existence. But now that a majority of the workforce have settled into their new routines, it may be hard for many to snap back to the daily commute and the office grind again.

And the numbers spell it out — remote working…well, works. A survey found remote workers actually logged almost 60 more hours of core work per year than those in an office. And remote workers saved anywhere from 2 to 5.5 hours a day without commuting and time-consuming in-person meetings. 

With results like those, the only real question is how do you ensure your core work hours are truly time well spent? With The Remote Work and Productivity Bundle, you can learn the techniques that will help keep you focused on your key tasks so you can enjoy the work from home lifestyle with zero guilt.

This package collects seven courses that bolster both the physical and mental approaches to working remotely so you can do high-quality work in less time and with less hassle.

With How To Be Hyper Productive In Your Home Based Business, you'll develop the disciplines and habits needed to take your home-based job or business to be both highly productive and highly profitable. Meanwhile, the Coronavirus and Remote Work: Tools and Tactics for Business Continuity course take that training a step further, minimizing work disruption, managing expectations, and feeding your creativity and innovation, all from home.

While technique is always important, your mental outlook is even more vital to success. The Managing Reptilian Brain Tendencies in Fearful Times examines proven ways to interrupt natural stress responses to threats like coronavirus, offering practical tactics for positively impacting your work life and your home life.

Looking deeper into you is also at the center of 7 Habits of High Achievers: A 7-Step Plan for Winning In Life, helping you create opportunities with 7 proven habits for success derived from a 30-year study of business motivation and initiative.

If working from home appeals to you, you might want to consider the gun-for-hire life of the freelancer. The Freelancing: How to Work from Home Doing Freelance Gigs instruction helps you spot services you can provide clients as an online freelancer and guide expectations. 

Or you can just dive in and start your own business from your living room. The Work From Home: 5 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge and Skills Into an Online Business looks at the key pieces of the top business models, identifies which personalities work best in each model, and figure out the earning potential of each business option. 

Finally, Online Business: Work from Home takes your current skills and applies them to one of those structured business models, including close looks at the right software, platforms, marketing strategies, and even the branding and affiliate marketing to grow your online business into a winner.

Each course in this package regularly costs $99 to $199. But with this deal, the whole package is now available for only $29.96.

Prices are subject to change.


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