Mad genius builds robotic arm to control synth with Nintendo Power Glove

You know how in movies where there's a mad genius tech-wizard/hacker (often a precocious teen) who can make the most fantastical creations with seemingly no effort? It's such a great fantasy with little analogue in the real world. Sam Battle, he of Look Mum No Computer strikes me as a character from one of those films, except he is very real.

Sam has given us the Furby Organ, the Sega Mega Drive Synth, and the Circuit Bent Bible — among many other jaw-dropping creations.

Now, Sam has made mad magic again, this time with an old Nintendo Power Glove. First, he converted the glove so that it can control his home-built synth. That was ingenious enough, but he was finding it hard to isolate his finger movements. So, he decided to download the InMoov robot's 3D printable arm, print a copy, and use it to control the synth through the Power Glove. Welcome to the future, cyberpunks.

Image: YouTube