Giant 3D topographical wood map of Westeros ('Game of Thrones') made by a cartographer

Wow. This is a thing of great beauty. A giant 3D topographic wood map of Westeros, the world of Game of Thrones, by IMGURian @ARUNK55. It's 60"x35".

The maker, @ArunK55, explains:

I am a maker/engineer/cartographer with a passion for maps and woodworking. With my laser cutter in my garage, I have been making wood maps over the last year. Each map is custom made and tells a story. Here i am going though my process of making these maps. These maps are made from three layers of Birch Wood with a layer of Maple as Backing. They are wood burnt with a LASER and hand assembled.

If you want something unique on your wall, that tells a story, or just reminds you of some place then please check out my Kickstarter, and help bring these maps to life.