This tiny model of a big IBM 1401 computer from 1959 is so great

• You'll never guess how much the computer originally cost.

"Scratch build, no 3D printing allowed here!"

Amazing work by IMGURian 6502b, a painstakingly accurate scale model of an IBM 1401 computer, in teeny-tiny size.

This is an IBM 1401 scaled model I am working on, part of a diorama. It is a scratch build made of polystyrene mostly. I make everything by hand, no 3D printing involved.

The IBM 1401 is a computer from 1959, considered to be the first successful mass produced computer. I have been working on this miniature diorama since December last year, to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Here is a close-up of the mini CPU unit SMS transistor card.

The IBM 1401, build in 1959, didn't have a dedicated processor like in modern computers, it was made up of thousands of single transistors build on what they called SMS card that were all wire wrapped by hand. The whole unit was what consist of the processor.

About the original upon which this miniature is based, from Wikipedia:

The IBM 1401 is a variable-wordlength decimal computer that was announced by IBM on October 5, 1959. The first member of the highly successful IBM 1400 series, it was aimed at replacing unit record equipment for processing data stored on punched cards and at providing peripheral services for larger computers.

Here's the full gallery!

I am making a miniature IBM 1401 scale model. Scratch build, no 3D printing allowed here! OC