Meet Rahul Dubey, 'absolute legend' who sheltered ~70 protestors inside his home for 8 hours overnight

"I fucking love this country." — Rahul Dubey


• After protesters were driven into a D.C. neighborhood, one local hero opened his home to 75 young strangers for a standoff with DC police.

In a story out Tuesday, Esquire has some wild and crazy details from the story of Rahul Dubey, the "absolute legend" of a guy in Washington, DC, who sheltered young protestors and credentialed reporters in his home overnight while police pursued with apparent intent to violently assault.

Rahul told Esquire:

• The DC Police tried to trick protestors into coming outside
• The cops "hijacked" a pizza man for an hour (Rahul didn't have anything to feed the dozens of guests in his home, he called out for pizza, the cops intercepted the guy!)
• And the officers faked a 911 call.

Just, wow.


I looked around and saw kids from age 20 to 50 in the house scattered on all three floors and the backyard, and they were safe. They were active. They were asking questions. They were solving problems in little groups, and they are hunkered down here until 6 am. The police have tried to pull them out through trickery like five or six times. They send decoys to the door, telling them they can't leave out the front, but if they leave out the back alley, they'll be safe. I mean, bullshit stuff. They just hijacked the pizza delivery guy for an hour and wouldn't let us come through. I mean, they faked a 911 call and said "yeah, someone called 911," but no one did. There's a lot of emotions.

I have a 13-year-old son, and luckily he's with friends and family up in Delaware; he's coming back tomorrow. He's not there, but at the same time, I wish he was because he could see these amazing souls that are in my house are safe and they had every right to be doing what they were doing, and the police didn't have a right to just beat them down on the street. For now, at least for the next four hours or so, we're going to be safe here. I've never been so excited to get a Ducinni's pizza in my life.

May 30, I was there—that was Saturday, and it was bedlam. I've been here for inaugurations. I've been here for the KKK. I've seen some shit, and it was heavy. There was a fierceness and an evilness that was there that I did not like. It was a heavy evilness, and a nonchalant calm on the authoritative side. Like, yep, we got you. It almost seemed staged, it was so surreal. And this. This was an out of body experience. Kids were screaming when they were running into the house. I mean, they were lining them off one by one and zip tying them. They're baiting them and saying they won't arrest them if they use my alley? Why? Because there's no lights? So you can attack them? I had never seen anything this evil in my life.

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[Justin Kirkland, Jun 2, 2020]