The Snapback Glove may look like a mitten on a string, but it can protect you from harmful germs

Even though life is emerging following our COVID-19 lockdown, it's not exactly time to celebrate defeating the insidious virus just yet. CDC officials warn that once a resurgence of the virus hits this winter, it could prove even more disastrous for the U.S. healthcare system than the opening salvo. That would follow the pattern suffered by America during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, which infected 500 million people worldwide; or one-third of the world's population.

Whether it's coronavirus or another harmful disease, germs and infection possibilities are a fact of life now. With everyone trying to take precautions to better protect themselves and their families, items like the Snapback Glove make a solid first line of defense from harmful disease.

And the concept behind the Snapback Glove is unmistakably simple. This glove easily clips to your belt or pants and, just like an oven mitt removing hot food from the stove, it's conveniently ready whenever you need to pick up an object, press buttons, sign a receipt or open a door.

The Snapback Glove is made using proprietary WaveStopper fabric with 70 percent SilverFlex fibers to be entirely antiviral and antimicrobial. Quickly slip in on from its perch at your belt whenever you have to deal with any potentially infectious situation, then whip it off as the retractable reels automatically snap the glove back into place. Positioned correctly, you'll never even have to touch the glove itself, even when you put it on.

While nothing can be 100 percent effective against the spread of germs, using something like the Snapback Glove can cut exposure threats exponentially during trips to the grocery store, gas station or any other public location or when you're using public transportation.  

Regularly priced at $61, the Snapback Glove is available now at almost half off, just $33.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Snapback Glove – $33.99

Get protected for $33.99