D.C. man welcomed over 60 protesters overnight into his home

On Monday night, Washington, D.C. resident Rahul Dubey gave refuge to some 60+ strangers last night during the protests.

He was on his Swann Street stoop at around 8:30 p.m. when protesters started gathering nearby. He began talking to them and allowed them to sit on his steps, charge their phones, and use his bathroom. He also let those that had been "pinned in" to escape through his house and out through his back alleyway. When he returned to his front door, by his account, there was a man who was "screaming" while "pushing and shoving" and pepper spraying. That prompted a "human tsunami" into his home as he flung the doors open.

Police were corralling the protesters and forcing them down the street with pepper spray.


Dubey also told NBC Washington that police tried to enter his home a few times but that each time he spoke with them, saying the group was welcome in his residence.

"There was love there. In the mayhem of the darkness, minutes, hours after, there was love pouring out at 3 a.m. from people that should be sleeping, but they didn't. And that's what really is amazing," he told the TV station.

One of Dubey's neighbors, Becca Thimmesch, shared this:

Officers staked out outside Dubey's house for hours and were harassing him and the demonstrators inside, Thimmesch said.

"He kept coming out and saying, 'No, no I've invited these young people in,'" Thimmesch said, adding that police were "trying to invent exigent circumstances to enter the premises."

You can listen to Dubey's account here:

This is one protester's statement of what happened:

On Tuesday morning, the protesters left after the curfew was over at 6 a.m. Dubey was cheered as spoke on his stoop:

screengrab via Kristin Powers/Twitter

Meet Rahul Dubey, 'absolute legend' who sheltered ~70 protestors inside his home for 8 hours overnight