The bundle of 11 award-winning apps will straighten out your Mac in minutes.

Software apps are a dime a dozen. Well, if you're going by their actual monetary cost, maybe not really. But considering how useless some poorly conceived, poorly executed apps are at doing the job you actually downloaded them to accomplish, it isn't a stretch to think that many apps aren't even worth a free download.

If you want apps that actually fulfill their promise, you can pick up a full package of curated apps, including a handful of award winners, with The Limited Edition Mac Bundle ft. Parallels Desktop.

With this package, users get 11 grade-A apps dedicated to improving the productivity, security and overall operation of your Mac. And a few of these apps might even give the Mac's owner a bit of an upgrade as well.

The star player in this collection is the productivity darling Parallels Desktop, an app trusted by over 7 million Mac users and one of the top 15 highest-grossing apps in the Mac App Store. If you're a Windows user or ever spent much time on a Windows system, Parallels Desktop will be a particular winner, allowing for the safe bootup and operation of literally thousands of Window-based apps on your Mac.

Whether you're a fan of the Microsoft Office suite, have a bunch of graphic-heavy Windows compatible games or want to work with a complicated CAD program like TinkerCAD or FreeCAD, Parallels will make sure it runs without a glitch or any slowdown in speed.

This bundle also includes 2 years of online protection with a subscription to Windscribe VPN Pro. One of the elite VPN providers on the market, Windscribe users can surf the web with complete anonymity and security, with all their vital information safely out of reach of any cybercriminals. In addition to bypassing international geo-locking restrictions, Windscribe also features ad blockers, a strict no-logging policy and full VPN coverage on all of your various devices.

And that's only the beginning of this bundle's riches. You can goose up your Mac's system performance with data transfer wizard iMazing, file recovery fixer Disk Drill Pro and file organization automater Delta Walker Pro.

There's also document editor PDF Expert (an Apple Editors' Choice winner), text shortcut creator TextExpander and idea saver and mind-mapper XMind 8 Pro.

Meanwhile, NetSpot Pro streamlines and improves your home WiFi signal, RapidWeaver 8 can handle all your web development issues, and Aurora HDR is available to do any of your photo editing tasks.

The Windscribe access alone is worth over $200, but with this collection, you get all 11 apps for just $59.99, less than $6 per app.

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The Limited Edition Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Desktop – $59.99

Soup up your Mac for $59.99