Get over 65 hours of Big Data and Machine Learning training for less than $40

Even in horrible economic times, a few simple rules hold unshakably true. And one of those rules is that if you possess an in-demand skill, you'll always find work — and often, at a top market salary, to boot.

If you understand Big Data and how to find order from the chaos of massive stockpiles of raw information, you can land a six-figure salary. Even now. And if you know how to program machines to think and respond for themselves, you're in an even better position to make a very comfortable living.

If you're unsure about your career future or just want to change your tax bracket, the training in The Complete 2020 Big Data and Machine Learning Bundle can hand you everything you need to start down the path toward life as a Big Data analyst or machine learning engineer.

Across 10 courses hosting almost 70 hours of content, this instruction explains the ins and outs of these exploding job fields, even for those who have no experience with statistics or advanced technology.

Half of the courses here look deeply into the process of using big data, the vast amounts of structured and unstructured information that most businesses collect on a daily basis. Of course, you'll never get on top of that tidal wave with your eyes and a ream of spreadsheets, so these courses examine the key analytical tools and language data experts use to organize findings and extract mining for all that unprocessed data. 

The training covers industry-leading processes and software like Scala, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, MapReduce and Apache Spark, all valuable means to unlock the secrets hidden inside that mountain of numbers.

The other half of the coursework focuses on machine learning as the Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners – Level 1 course offers newbies a real understanding of what machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning really mean. 

Helping computers determine how to assess information and adjust their behavior on their own isn't science fiction. Training in learning the Python coding language at the heart of these fields as well as how to use tools like Tensorflow and Keras not only make it all relatable but can put you in a position to get hired as a machine learning expert — with the paycheck to match.

This course package usually retails for almost $1,300, but your path to a new career in Big Data and machine learning can start now for a whole lot less, only $39.90.

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The Complete 2020 Big Data and Machine Learning Bundle – $39.9

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