Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight – CBDfx

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We at Real Tested CBD are continually striving to bring you information about the best CBD brands and their respective products available in the market. The CBD industry is thriving due to new-found awareness amongst the consumers. Thanks to the Internet and the laws allowing legal use of CBD and hemp-based products. 

At Real Tested CBD, we run thorough lab tests on each brand and product on our platform, and it includes checking the authenticity of their claim to be a CBD product. Plus, we also test these products for any traces of industrial pesticides and solvents. Today, we bring you another review of one of the most popular brands in the CBD industry.

CBDfx is a manufacturer of CBD products and oils from Chatsworth, California. They carry a wide variety of CBD products extracted from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate hemp plants. 
These products include CBD oils, CBD vape juice, CBD capsules, CBD products for pets, and more. Here are our reviews of six of their products. It's always better to review before you buy!

CBDfx's Hemp Gummies 40 Mg

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Our top choice to review a CBDfx product is their Mixed Berry Hemp Gummies. It is an excellent CBD product that comes from broad-spectrum hemp extract. It is a non-GMO product that is 100 percent vegan and gluten-free.

These yummy gummies contain 40 mg of hemp-based cannabinoids, and our lab results found this claim to be spot on – kudos to CBDfx. Plus, these hemp gummies had no traces of any pesticides or solvents in the mix.

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CBDfx's Cbd Tincture Oil

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Second, on our list is CBD Tincture oil by CBDfx. This CBD oil tested to be accurate to its claim of containing 500 mg CBD. But other additional beneficial cannabinoids such as CBC, CBD, and CBN were missing. However, it does have 30 ml of hemp and MCT oil.

CBDfx produces all its products within the USA at its cGMP certified facilities, so this is an authentic home-produced product and contains 519.71 mg of CBD per bottle. It has 65 mg of hemp oil and 16.5 mg of CBD goodness per drop, and there are no pesticides or solvents in this useful product.

CBDfx's Hemp Oil for Pets

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This hemp oil for pets by CBDfx is for small breed animals. This hemp oil comes from an extraction of the full-spectrum hemp plant in a 150 ml bottle. It is a non-GMO product that is 100 percent vegan and gluten-free. It also contains MCT oil and CBD rich hemp oil.

Our lab test results found the CBD levels to be slightly more than the label claims. It contains 225.24 mg of CBD per pack and has no traces of pesticides or solvents.

CBDfx's Hemp Capsules 200 Mg

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Next are CBDfx's hemp capsules; these are one of their full-spectrum CBD products. These capsules are non-GMO and gluten-free. The packet claims to contain 200 mg of CBD per pack and provides 25 mg CBD per capsule. However, we found the CBD levels in the product to be lower than what the label claims.

Our lab tests revealed the actual level to be at 140.31 per packet. However, because it is a full-spectrum CBD product, it does contain other beneficial cannabinoids, including CBC at 6.72 mg, CBN at 1.6 mg, CBG, and 1.3 mg and THC at 4.98 mg per packet.

CBDfx's Deep Tissue Formula

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The Deep Tissue formula by CBDfx is the next product on our list. It is a remedy for any deep tissue muscle aches and pains. A good rub can give you a CBD fix that will help you neutralize the pain in no time, and it has zero percent THC in it.

Although this formula claims to contain 150 mg of hemp-based cannabinoids, our tests found the CBD levels to be way lower than what the label says. Our lab results found the CBD level to be 3.43 per pack with no pesticides or solvents in the mix.

CBDfx's Calming Balm for Sensitive Skin

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The last CBDfx product we reviewed is their Calming Balm Sensitive Skin that claims to come with 150 mg of hemp-based cannabinoids. This cream sounds like it is full of relaxing and calming goodness; however, we are not sure about it. We found the CBD levels in this balm to be at 256.38 mg per pack, which is higher than what label claims. 

Unfortunately, we at Real Tested CBD found this product to contain "coumaphos," a pesticide used for killing insects and mites. Therefore, we would recommend you to stay away from this product.