Biden leads Trump 14 points in new poll, but we've been here before

Biden soars to 55%-41% in the latest CNN poll of voters, with Trump's approval rating falling and less than a third of respondents approving of his handling of the George Floyd killing and subsequent protests.

In the race for the White House, among registered voters, Trump stands 14 points behind Biden, who officially secured enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination in CNN's delegate estimate on Saturday. The 41% who say they back the President is the lowest in CNN's tracking on this question back to April 2019, and Biden's 55% support is his highest mark yet.

Alex Burns summarizes similar polls from last week:

2020 polling over the last week:
ABC/Post: Biden +10
Monmouth: Biden +11
NBC/WSJ: Biden +7
Fox: Biden +8

This can obviously change, but this is not currently a close race or one in which the Electoral College is a reasonably good insurance plan for Trump.

Here's the thing. About this time in 2016, Clinton led Trump in these polls thusly:

ABC/Post: Clinton +14
Monmouth: Clinton +8
NBC/WSJ: Clinton +14
Fox: Clinton +10

Things are looking good for the Democratic Party's candidate, but remember that whatever follows "This can obviously change, but…" will never be anyone's famous last words and no-one will ever have to eat them. We're all getting paid here.