AI-generated English words

The English language being short of words, Thomas Dimson created an AI-powered word generator. This word does not exist

an infectious bacterial infection of the lymphatic system in primary prevention of infection in animals, caused by a nematode parasite or by an enterovirus
"nephromatosis is a serious and fatal form of typhoid fever"

an effeminate child, especially a boy

a fixed upright figure
"a sculpted octagon and monstrut"

Really delightful, and far ahead of "traditional" generative word-makers. Even if sometimes it's clear the machine has no real insight, it touches upon the greatness of Douglas Adams and John Lloyd's Deeper Meaning of Liff. I'll be putting pebblepenny (of a person, old-fashioned and rather vain, e.g. "a pebblepenny politician") to use soon.