Miss Hitler hopeful jailed

Alice Cutter was a hopeful contestant in the Miss Hitler beauty pageant, but will be unable to compete again soon because she's been jailed as a member of the right-wing terrorist group National Action, banned after celebrating the murder of MP Jo Cox. Cutter was among four people thusly incarcerated this week, and is pictured above with fellow convict Mark Jones.

The court heard Cutter had entered the Miss Hitler beauty pageant under the name Miss Buchenwald – a reference to the World War Two death camp.

She denied being a member of National Action, despite attending the group's rallies, in which banners reading "Hitler was right" were raised.

Jurors were also shown messages in which Cutter joked about gassing synagogues, and using a Jew's head as a football.

Don't see the resemblance, to be honest.

GoDaddy took down the Miss Hitler beauty pageant site last month as the trial date loomed.