More than a flashlight, this gadget packs a fully-loaded tool box

It's hard to not get a kick out of space-efficient tools. Compacted into their smallest forms, they often look very simple and unassuming. Yet often once they're unfurled and seen in their full quasi-Transformers glory, you can't help but be amazed.

At some point, everyone needs to see in the dark, which means it's all but mandatory to have at least a flashlight or two around in case of emergencies. Of course, whether you need it during a power outage, a creepy journey down into the basement or any of a hundred other situations, it's always enjoyable when they can perform some extra duties like the 3P Experts 25-Piece Flashlight Toolbox Set.

While the punchy spotlight that makes this item fantastic for small jobs around the house is definitely a winner, this uniquely designed item opens to reveal it's also hiding a fully loaded tool kit inside.

Stowed away inside this flashlight's trusty innards are a handful of versatile pieces, including a T-handle ratchet driver with a bit holder and extender; nine interchangeable slotted Phillips and hex bits, an 8-piece Allan wrench set and a 4-piece precision screwdriver set.

Every piece is expertly arrayed in the molded storage system so all those pieces stay together and in-place until they're called into service.

While the high-powered beam from the flashlight can be handy on its own, it's always nice to know that all those other attachments and difference-maker tools are also right at hand and available at a moment's notice when they're needed.

Retailing for $89.99, you can now get the 3P Experts 25-Piece Flashlight Toolbox Set for about the price of a mid-range flashlight on its own, just $24.99. That's a 72 percent savings off the regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

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