Doctors say DO NOT take Dexamethasone to prevent COVID-19, no evidence it works as a coronavirus prophylaxis

Hey there. Former chemotherapy patient for breast cancer here. When I was receiving chemo every week at the oncology clinic, one of the drugs they gave me so my body wouldn't freak out from the anticancer poisons was Dexamethasone. It's a really important drug for many cancer patients.

Some people are going to misinterpret news of a clinical trial making the rounds today today as meaning that they should get a hold of some dexamethasone right away and start taking it as a prophylaxis, or preventative, against COVID-19. Don't do this.

No no no. No.

Please do not do this.

That's not how this works.

Do not take Dexamethasone to prevent COVID-19.

Ask a medical professional for advice, first.

The news involved some hopeful news from a clinical trial.

Don't take drugs based on Facebook headlines or do anything like this without a doctor's guidance.