Stay hydrated this summer with these 10 bottles and carriers all on sale

There's a decent chance you're dehydrated right now. Yeah…we mean you. 

In a study of over 3,000 Americans, three out of four had a net fluid loss, resulting in chronic dehydration. And even if you think you drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day, caffeinated beverages, alcohol and high sodium diets can actively work against your hydration.

Odds are, you need to be drinking more water. With summer temperatures rolling in, it's more important than ever to be ready, so we pulled together 10 deals on bottles, carriers and backpacks aimed at keeping water close at hand. 

Vapur 750ml Vintage Wine Carrier (2-pack) – $11.99; originally $18.99

Vapur 1L Wide Mouth Anti-Bottle (2-pack) – $14.99; originally $22.99

Vapur is well known for its reusable and freezable anti-bottles — and these two varieties make transporting liquids easy. A flexible product made from BPA-free materials specifically with active lifestyles in mind, the Anti-Bottle has a simple screw cap, lays flat when empty, and then can be folded and stored where other bottles can't. Water for the hike or even a bottle of vino to celebrate the end of your journey can happen without worrying about breakable bottles. 

KOLD Vacuum Insulated Bottle – $17.99; originally $29.99

KOLD bottles are double-walled and vacuum insulated with all the air sucked out between the stainless steel walls to make sure there's nothing to transfer heat or cold to the inside. That keeps your hot coffee hot — or your water ice cold. It's also leak-proof, so drop it in your gym bag and go work out knowing you won't come back to soggy clothes.

Sport Force Hydration Backpack – $24.99; originally $80

Why carry a bottle when you can just sling your water over your back? This hydration backpack lets you tote around 2 liters of water inside a single, durable pack that weighs less than a pound. Easily sip through the built-in nozzle and use the storage pockets to take along your other outdoor essentials wherever you go

Lunatec 1L Hydration Spray Water Bottle – $24.99; originally $32

Lunatec 1L Hydration Spray Water Bottle and TUBE Extension – $39.99; originally $48

The Lunatec is the water bottle with its own spray feature, allowing you to shoot shower, stream, or mist patterns up to 25 feet. You can clean up, cool off, or just take a big chug of water with this durable, dual-threat bottle. And with the TUBE extension, your spray bottle turns into a veritable garden hose, a versatile hydration spray bladder you can carry anywhere.

Pressa Water Bottle with Built-In Juicer – $29.99; originally $39.99

If you enjoy your water with a hint of flavoring, the Pressa Bottle makes for a perfect alternative to artificial flavors. Just pop the lid, add fruits or vegetables and water, then use the Twist N' Press compressing unit to squeeze juice into your water. You can find out now why the Pressa was voted one of the best water bottles of 2020 by CNET.

FitMix Pro Portable Blender Bottle with USB Recharge – $35.95; originally $49.99

If you're a fan of the protein shake, the FixMix Pro can crank one out without any cords or plugins. Engineered with turbo-blades and a 16,000 RPM motor that blends smoother, lump-free shakes in 30 seconds or less, the whole thing is driven by a USB-rechargeable cell, so you'll never have to deal with connectors or batteries.

EQUA Smart Water Bottle – $54.99; originally $79

Everything else is smart now, so why not your water bottle? With motion sensor technology, the EQUA bottle emits a smart glow to remind when it's time for another sip. It also pairs with the EQUA app which calculates and recommends your optimal daily water intake. The stainless steel construction keeps your beverages double insulated, so cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours while hot beverages stay hot for up to 12 hours.

LIZ: The Smart Self-Cleaning Bottle with UV Sterilization – $64.99; originally $79.99

In addition to monitoring your water intake through LIZ's app, this bottle also uses UV-C light sterilization to destroy 99.9 percent of all harmless viruses or odor-causing bacteria in your bottle with the touch of a button. With more than 1 million bacteria in the average water found in reusable bottles, the LIZ is all about a healthier lifestyle in seconds.