Kickstarting Sugar Heist, a delightful card game about stealing candy from babies

Sugar Heist is a fun-looking new card game from YouTube comedian/animator Alex Clark and TV writer Zach Craley (Heroes Reborn, Marvel's Avengers Assemble, and Spider-Man) with a simple goal: trade and steal cards so you can build up a giant stash of candy. "We guarantee that Sugar Heist is THE BEST way to bring together family and friends," the creators write, "so you can betray their trust and steal from them."

Here's the epic origin story behind this wacky game:

 Sugar Heist was inspired by Alex's best friends, Zach and Kat, having twins. When they were born, Alex looked to his wife, Pam, and said: "It's finally time for our own baby."  Alex quickly clarified that he meant a tabletop game and thankfully Pam was still on board.

The four of us play games regularly and have always dreamed of making our own, but we also loved putting it off. It wasn't until the twins were born that we decided to follow through.

Based on their birth, Alex immediately had an epiphany, "What if it's a game where you collect candy and use it to lure children into your van."


Based on these convos we realized our idea was wildly inappropriate. While a game catering to that crowd might be a great way to roundup weirdos, To Catch a Predator-style, we knew we'd prefer to reach a wider audience.

We thought let's do something "not creepy" — What if stealing candy from babies wasn't always easy? What if these babies could defend themselves?

Clearly babies don't care about money, so we decided that candy would be their currency. And where better to store your stash than a vault? And since adults stealing from kids is generally frowned upon, we leveled the playing field… pitting baby vs baby in a brawl for it all.

I was friends with Craley's wife, Kat Purgal, in college, and I noticed the game when she posted about it. I was immediately drawn in by the frantically cartoonish artwork. It looked delightful, yet deranged; childish, but crazed; so, of course, I was curious. And it does, in fact, look pretty wonderful!

You can pre-order the complete set for the basic game for just $20 on Kickstarter (and there are of course plenty of other reward tiers as well).