Trump tweets crazy lies about NBC and Google Ads demonetizing far-right sites (they didn't)

President Brain Worms Donald Trump is in the midst of quite a tweety-tantrum this morning. Now he's falsely saying that NBC News and Google Ads have conspired to deny revenue to far-right websites.

Tweeted the president:

.@NBCNews is facing considerable backlash for pushing @Google to remove Conservative sites from its ad platform.

No they are not.

He seems to have mangled up some version of this recent NBC News story, which, granted, was confusing — about Google reminding a couple of extremist publications about terms of use boundaries.

The Federalist and ZeroHedge are doing just fine.

Nobody was demonetized.

Google cracks down on The Federalist & ZeroHedge for violating race-related content policies, may permanently suspend access to Google Ads revenue