The Marshall Mode EQ earphones are everything you'd expect from the Marshall name

When you hear the brand name Marshall, any music fan instantly conjures a single image: a classic Marshall stack. The amp has been synonymous with live performance since the 60s, with music artists of every stripe lining their stage sets with these thunderous cabinets. 

Even when you close your eyes, you can see them. The clean black squares stacked like a wall. Six, eight, 10 across; three, four, even five or more high, each emblazoned with that simple script Marshall logo right in the center.

Marshall amps were created because guitarists wanted more power. And while the need for audio power has never wavered, that power — as well as the Marshall heritage — can be found today in products that can literally fit in your hand like the Marshall Mode EQ Wired Earphones.

Marshall turned all their audio output knowledge inward, creating an in-ear headphone that delivers all the power that personifies the brand, despite their tiny size.

Customized drivers deliver high audio performance with minimal distortion, a well-balanced display boasting clear midrange, extended highs and deep bass when needed. 

Of course, not everyone wants to listen to their music in exactly the same way, which is Mode EQ is true to its name with a pair of different EQ settings, one for warm, bass-heavy listeners, another for brighter, airier fans with an emphasis on the mids and highs.

While music is any headphones' bread and butter, the Mode EQ doesn't forget about day-to-day usage either. These buds are outfitted with a built-in mic for receiving phone calls that also includes a remote letting users click once to answer incoming calls or play a song, twice to fast forward,  three times to rewind.

Meanwhile, the unique design anchors to your ear, while still providing a comfortable fit.

PCMag said the Mode EQ's "cool EQ feature and clean, balanced audio performance is enough to warrant its price." They were talking about its $99 retail price, so you can get a serious bargain on the Marshall Mode EQ earphones now at almost half off, just $54.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Marshall® Mode EQ Wired Earphones – $54.99

Listen to the best for $54.99